What do you think of our Chinese Real estate school

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What do you think of our Chinese Real estate school

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Our Chinese Real estate school adhere to the "combination of education, research, industry and leading to the first-class" in real estate, economic theory research, discipline construction and talent cultivation, as the government decision-making consultation and service industry reform and development, have achieved remarkable results.
Chinese Real estate school with real estate management undergraduate, Industrial economics master and enterprise management master estate management, The world economy professional training Chinese Real estate school recruiting international real estate direction doctoral students. Graduates are welcomed by society, and become the relevant government departments, industry and business leaders and backbone. Chinese Real estate school are recruiting, master's and doctoral students. At the same time, the school also actively continue education for real estate management cadres, Chinese Real estate school and personnel training.
Chinese Real estate school with real estate, actively develop economy research institute of economic theory and research. For many years, in the real estate and construction materials for government decision consultation service and make a positive contribution.
At the same time, the Chinese Real estate school also pays attention to international real estate research and exchanges, and the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries and China Taiwan region of institutions of higher learning and industry associations established cooperation relationship.

Chinese Real estate school
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